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And So It Holds True, We Don’t Consider The Before-Marriage-Jobs Of Our Girls Important

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  •  March 20, 2017


When will you quit your job?” My friend’s question followed a loud “Congratulation.” I had just informed her that I was getting married soon.

Even though she sensed that I was in no mood to quit my job only because I was getting married, she reapproved a common notion that the jobs of women before their marriage hold no importance.

The employers prefer to not take the non-married female employees seriously, as they fear that the women might quit.

As per a report, 72% of women feel that gender discrimination still exists in the workplace. The women from around the world get strange interview questions. And yes, we’re all familiar with them.

Do you plan on getting married, soon?

Are you starting a family?

The employers reflect the same feeling as most of the relatives and friends of the bride-to-be. The career of a girl, especially before marriage, does not matter. A lot of times, before the girl gets married, she first needs to seek the “permission” of her in-laws to be able to work. Oh, and if the family lives outside of the city, there is no question of continuing work in the same place, because the girl will have to move to her husband’s place.

Sometimes, even though the women reassure, the employers assume that they will not return back after the “wedding-vacay,” because of the household chores.

Sakshi, who worked at a top-post in a CA company, had to quit her job two months before her wedding day. When I asked her, she said, “You have to do it. My firm saw it coming; sadly, they had already given out ads when I announced that I was getting married soon. You know what? For a second, the thought of staying back came to me, but it was only fair for them to be safe.

Sakshi has been married for five months now, and now that things have been a little settled at home, she’s looking for a job. Meanwhile, Sakshi’s husband started going back to work a couple of days after the wedding.

My point is that today Sakshi is starting anew, and from being at the top-post of a company, she’ll probably sit many ranks downward, which, by the way, is also the reason for slow progress in a woman’s career.

Fortunately, keeping it all in mind, many companies have introduced easy workability & flexibility for women. But, that’s not what kills the problem.

The examples sit in plenty, and the only way to turn things around is for women to take over the reins, and understand the position their career holds in their lives. For both men and women, there are jobs that they do not wish to take seriously. Reasons could, of course, differ, but the result is the same, right?

Tables have turned, it’s truly your call. Are you ready to answer the question, “When will you quit your job?”

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