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Anand Ahuja Has Made A Change To His Name And We’re Declaring Him Husband Of The Year Already

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  •  May 17, 2018

In just few minutes after the wedding rituals got over, all of Sonam Kapoor’s social media handles had been renamed into Sonam K Ahuja on May 8.

The name change women undergo after marriage have often been put under the radar of millions of discussions, and rightly so. In the world where we are fighting for equality, this technically doesn’t fit well. After all, again, why only a woman?

But, Sonam Kapoor’s adorable husband has paved a way for men who are feminists. As I was scrolling through my Instagram stories, I was amused and amazed to see a friend of mine sharing the screenshot of his profile which now is under the name Anand S Ahuja. Before I go forward, thank you, Anand.

He hasn’t changed his surname but the inclusion of his wife’s surname as his middle name is what we call a wave of good change.

Anand Ahuja

When Sonam was recently asked about what are the changes that come into a woman’s life after marriage, she said, “It is the same. There is no difference. Your life doesn’t change that much (after marriage). Women need to stop thinking that way. Work is going to stay the same, hopefully.”

Talking about the hoopla around her name change, she said, “I have always said that I am a feminist. I have the choice to change my name to what I want to. Kapoor is also my father’s name. So it is a man’s name anyway. I chose to keep both. Anand has also changed his name but nobody wrote about that. I just decided to do it on social media because that’s my platform to say that I have made a choice. It is my personal choice. Nobody put a gun to my head. You should ask him (Anand). He has also changed his name and decided to add something as well.”

And this is not the first time when Anand has showed his feminist side. When his sister-in-law Anshula Kapoor had shared a picture of all the Kapoor sisters being photobombed by Anand, his comment had won our hearts. He wrote, love that I have so many smart, beautiful, strong sisters now that I admire and look up to!!

Gotta love this photobomb though 💯 #EverydayPhenomenal #FamJam #HappyShinyPeople 💥

79k Likes, 188 Comments – Anshula Kapoor (@anshulakapoor) on Instagram: “Gotta love this photobomb though 💯 #EverydayPhenomenal #FamJam #HappyShinyPeople 💥”

Anand definitely is setting right examples of a modern-day husband and we totally love him for that.

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