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‘An Ode To Mother Earth’ by Anita Dongre

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  •  May 11, 2015


On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Indian Fashion Designer Anita Dongre has written a heart-touching poem for a special mother – Mother Nature. She calls Mother Nature – ‘My shelter, my comfort, my sense of home’. Beautiful, right? Read the complete art piece:

It’s Mother’s Day and this is a small tribute to the greatest mother of all — Mother Earth.

My world, my life, my soul.
The one who has made me who I am.
Who embraces me for who I am.
However I am.
Always giving.
Unquestioningly. Unconditionally. 
And I invariably ask for more.
My shelter, my comfort, my sense of home.
The only familiarity I can depend on.
Without a thought.
She is the ground beneath my feet
that I take for granted.
The sheets of rain that hide my tears.
The drop of sunshine that makes my heart sing.
And she sings with me. 
In a soft voice I can barely hear.
Because I choose not to.
She whispers secrets
that fade away with the breeze.
I am only listening
to the rush inside my head.
She accepts me for everything.
She accepts my everything.
And I give her so much.
Of nothing at all.
And yet, she smiles.
As she wakes me up every dawn.
For a fresh, new day.
A gentle reminder
of how blessed I am.
And that it’s never too late
to start again.
This is my mother.
She’s your mother too.
Our mother.
Always listen to your mother, they say.
So when was the last time we heard
what Mother Earth had to say?

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