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Ayushi Agarwal

IWB Blogger

Amy Schumer’s Gutsy Nude Portrait Sends A Strong Message

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  •  December 1, 2015


Female Celebrities are supposed to have a zero figure sans love handles, tummy bulges, and muffin tops. Right?


Take Amy Schumer, for example. She is a kick-ass actress and comedian, apart from being an epitome of body positivity. She too, has been a victim of body shaming.

But Amy has a different perspective on the whole idea of beauty.

In the 2016 Pirelli calendar, released on Monday, photographer Annie Leibovitz made a “strong set of very simple portraits” for display. But the photo that seems to be sparking the most conversation – about her “realness”- is Amy’s.



She’s been receiving a lot of flak for it on the internet because they’re calling it ‘too real,’ as if there were such a thing. But our girl will not have any of that. She posted her photo on her Facebook with a caption that makes a very important point about beauty.

Now, this is what I call ‘ballsy’!


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