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Amendments to the Child Labour Law are the reason to worry and celebrate

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  •  May 14, 2015


While the amendment strictly prohibits employment of children under the age of 14 in all occupations and processes, it makes one crucial exception that exactly made us worry.

And this is not only us who concern about this omission: the lack of any clear definition of “family” has child rights activists worried. If the law doesn’t clearly define ‘family’ then the fear is this exception being used as a loophole. Children can be employed by people on the pretense of being related without anyway to confirm it.

Said activist Shireen Vakil Miller, formerly with Save the Children, “How do you define family? How will you confirm that it is family that the child is working with? Who will confirm and monitor this?”

Miller pointed out that the Cabinet has given this approval without any consultation with civil society groups, and that there is huge pressure for such a loophole from many lobbies.

Bhuvan Ribhu of Bachpan Bachao Andolan also stresses on this need for clear definition of family in the law. He says, “The law needs to define family, it needs to define rehabilitation for children and I personally feel that legal processes for these children need to be simplified. Their cases cannot be dragged on in court for years.”

Source: DNA

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