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Himanshu Roy

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Amandla Stenberg & Rowan Blanchard Are the Feminist Celebrities of 2015

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  •  December 19, 2015


They are teenagers; they don’t hesitate from speaking their minds and are proud feminists. Well actually ‘badass’ will be an appropriate word to describe Amandla Stenberg and Rowan Blanchard, who have been named the Feminist celebrities of 2015 by the Ms. Foundation for Women.

“Are you a feminist?” There have been numerous occasions when this question has been asked to these two girls by overenthusiastic reporters and every time they have been given a lesson about what it means to be an actual feminist.

Amandla is one of the flag bearers of ‘The Black Lives Matter’ movement and has sensitized the public about cultural appropriation, and have spoken out on different gender based issues.

Rowan, on the other hand, has spoken against the clichéd idea that a woman should be smiling all the time and has also highlighted the problems in the entire concept of ‘white feminism.’

And could you believe that these two teenagers born in the 21st century managed to do all this while making superhit and critically acclaimed movies like The Hunger Games and Girl Meets World?

Seriously, at a time when most of the Gen-Y prefers to spend their time sorting across emoticons in their smartphones, all this work that these two young girls have done does seem staggering.

What they have managed to pull off ingeniously is the use of social media to make people aware of the various principles of feminism.

Be it their tweets or Facebook posts, the sheer depth of their thoughts have made people think more about the relevant issues influencing the lives of women across the world and has made more souls committed to the cause of feminism.

We are not saying that only those selected as the Feminist of the Year could be the ones about whom we should know, but just knowing the fact that these two young girls are up for the cause of feminism is surely a shot in the arm for this movement.

And ironically, it is the ‘grown ups’ who could learn so much from Amandla and Rowan, who are immensely mature and understanding for their age.

Hurray girls, keep the movement alive!

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