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Amala Paul On Shooting Action Movie And Why She Is Not A Hero

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  •  August 8, 2018

In almost a decade-long journey, actress Amala Paul has created many hits and just at 26, she has a fandom of a superstar in the South Indian Film Industry. The actress, who has won hearts with her girl-next-door image, now wants her audience to see her other sides as well.  

“There was Run Baby Run in Malayalam where I had a slightly wild side, that’s all. I don’t think people know that I’m always an active person, with a special inclination to sport and adrenaline,” she told The News Minute.

Amala is excited to show her flip side to the audience with her upcoming movie Adho Andha Paravai Pola (AAPP), which she calls her most physically demanding film.

“I never thought any movie could break Mynaa’s record, but Adho Andha Paravai Pola (AAPP) just broke that in terms of the effort that had to be put in. It’s a story about a woman activist who gets lost in the jungle, and the surprises that spring up on her way out. I knew it right from the narration that this would be an interesting project to take up, for this is the kind of film that I would love to see onscreen. I’ve even done all the stunts on my own,” she said.

Amala added, “During the first fight for AAPP, there was a lot of tension prevailing in the sets fearing whether I would get it right. But in truth, I was very confident and had practiced my moves like a dance, memorizing every bit. Slowly, things fell into place.”

The actor for the film has shot scenes of going up a 40-feet tall tree, rolling in the mud, and tackling many such hurdles in the forest.

Amala revealed that she loved the action but hated to hear from the crew a spur like ‘Do it like a hero!’. “One thing I’ve discovered and loved about doing action is how the respect towards a woman increases when people on the sets watch us doing a fight scene the way it has to be done. I hate it when somebody comes and tells me to do it like a hero. I don’t have balls, I have ovaries. Us woman have a different body language and style of our own. So when such a positive vibe arises from doing my own stunts, I feel really empowered,” she shared.

Amala is also ready to kick-start her entrepreneurial journey with her own brand Night Recovery’, a detox drink composed of 14 herbs that stimulates better sleep and functioning of the mind.

After divorce from her director husband AL Vijay, Chennai has become solely a workplace for her, and she has now moved to Delhi in order to concentrate on yoga, spend time with her close friends, and go on regular treks to the Himalayas, where her Hindi debut with Arjun Rampal will be shot as well.

She also spoke about a newly found confidence after the roller-coaster in her personal life. “When I came back from all that, I was a different person. Scripts came to me, not because I was a star, but because they had faith in me that I would be able to pull it off. It was only then that I realised that somewhere down the line, I’ve misunderstood that I should be doing films only with big heroes, staying in their shade even if there was no scope in my part. Even Vetrimaaran sir called me and told me the same thing that, he is talking to me as an actor. Now I know what my strength is, and that I should play to it alone.”

Sharing her future plans, she said, “In two or three years, I’m planning to migrate to the Himalayas and build a self-sustained community there, on a small scale. I and my friends have had these things in mind for a long time, but that’s the bigger picture. But I will never stop doing films, I was born for this.”

H/T: The News Minute

Photo source: Amala Paul/Instagram

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