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All You Aspiring STEM Entrepreneurs, Read About ‘Outbox Incubator’

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  •  September 9, 2015


Do you know about STEM?

I’m not talking about the one associated with plants; the capitals aren’t a typo error.

I am talking about Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. These four heavy words not only make up this acronym but also inspire the UK-based organization, Stemettes, which aims at ushering females into careers relating to these four fields.

In UK, actually, in a lot of nations including our own, the number of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is pretty frugal. And this fact is not so pretty!

That is where the STEMettes come into the picture! Allow me to tell you about one of their endeavors: The Outbox Incubator.

This is a one of its kind project wherein 45 girls of the age group of 11-22 from across the European Union live under one roof for a period of six weeks. Before I tell you about the whys and whats of it, let me mention that this is a free and female only space.

No, it’s not a pink pyjama party sorta thing, if that’s what you’re thinking. It is a space for young women who wish to pursue entrepreneurship in the STEM sector.

One thing that might pop into your head right, just like it did in mine, is that why no men? I mean, what’s with the girl-only zone?

Well, given the fact that most of the STEM sectors are dominated by men, the girl-only zone feels apt!

The project boosts these women in a big big way by providing them all the necessary tools, equipments, opportunities, etc., and most importantly, by getting them on the interface with venture capitalists and angel investors.

Now that really is something great because I once read in a study that these investors and money-bag people don’t really invest into women start-ups. Huh.

Anyways, have a look at the project design:inside

You know what I find the most interesting fact about this entire concept? That it sort of creates a chain of women empowerment! Each one of those 45 girls becomes each other’s support system for the six weeks, and even beyond that. They compete with each other. And they support each other. And they refine their master-entrepreneurship-plan.

It’s almost like living in your own secluded bubble…with 44 other Outbox Execs (as they are called) like you, who share the same passion for the four heavy words that I mentioned. Okay I admit I’m too lazy to type them out.

But I am not lazy in expressing how empowering I find the Outbox Incubator. So much so, that I strongly feel we should have something of the same sort for the females in our country. What do you think?

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