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Alka Sahni and Amit Sahni: Who gets the cream?

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  •  August 29, 2014

To commemorate Women Equality Day which is celebrated on August 26th worldwide, we are doing a round trip across Jaipur & involving Jaipurites in a series of discussion asking them if women equality is adapted in their respective fields or not. All this is done with a twist where each pair is given Britannia cream Jim-Jam biscuit. They are asked to set apart the two sides of the biscuit attached with the cream. And then we ask them – who got the cream? That is, which gender is more privileged in their talked field!

We met in 1989. That’s 25 years ago including 17 years of marriage.

We were studying in 10th grade. And, November 18th was our first date. Sigh.

This is Alka Sahni & her businessman husband Amit. Dished in love for each other, we wanted to know if love is the same while deciding the home budget and other finances. For this, Jaipur Women Blog’s team reached their home and asked who among them is more privileged. For that, we made them munch cream biscuits!

We asked Alka and Amit to pick one Britannia Jim-Jam biscuit and twist-open it from both sides. Using this as the metaphor, we kick-started the discussion – which gender gets the cream in the case of a housewife and an earning husband.

Alka – I & my daughter love Jim-Jam. My kitchen has plenty of them.

JWB – Aww, then you will love what we will make you do with them!

JWB – Who has the privilege of being the finance minister at home?

Chorus – Both of us.

The question was intended for the husband but they answered it together, hence, telling another interesting fact about them. Sipping their hot tea in the beautiful crockery, they said:

Amit – We unintentionally dressed in same colors on our engagement. And since then we have carried on the ritual.

Alka – We always make sure we wear at least one color in common. No surprise they call us twin-souls at times.

JWB – Alka, do you enjoy absolute creamy freedom in spending as much money as you like on yourself? What areas do you spend on?

Alka – Yes, I spend a lot on myself. I love to do my hair in different colors, spend for clothing, bags and shoes. Amit never says anything. Right, honey?

Amit – Oh, I love to see my wife being concerned about her looks.

JWB – But how do you react on her unexpected bills, Amit?

Amit – She anyway never asks for expensive gifts so I don’t stop her from spending.

Alka – Dear, care to tell the team about the time when you see my mobile bills every month?

Amit – Oh yes, those dreadful moments. they bring the hell out of me. i mean, i never get to pay that chunk for my phone even after I am into business.

JWB – That’s funny. So at times you wish the cream to be not on her side.

Amit – Phew!

JWB – Here is an interesting question for you, Amit. If you prescribed salary for her for all the household work, what would that be?

Amit (after a pause) – Rs. 70,000.

JWB – Alka, are you satisfied with this figure?

Alka – He is being generous.

Amit – Anyway, the money gets to stay at home.

Alka – Men.

Amit – I am smart.

Alka – Mr. Smart, don’t forget your tea.

JWB – But now when you don’t get the salary, do you have to ask for money from him, or he gives it himself?

Alka (taking another bite of her biscuit) – I ask.

Amit – What? No. I give it to her on my own. She always gets the complete bundle.

Alka gave him a ‘Really?’ look and he admitted – “Ok, I might get lazy at times at asking her.”

JWB – Alka, what strategy do you keep while making the budget?

Alka – See, each month the budget fluctuates so we never plan a particular amount. What we do is prioritizing.

JWB – What is the role of Amit?

Alka – I am addicted to him. We decide things together, as I told you. You can say we are the 2 sides of this cream biscuits. Haha. Even if it is in relation to buying veggies, we talk about it.

JWB – Amit, do you want to bring any change in her budgeting?

Amit – No, women are good at it.

JWB – Ok, now tell us what is the difference between financially independent woman and financially independent man?

Alka – The time when a woman has a certain bank-balance, and she can decide how to spend or when to spend, she is financially independent. When I feel, I have the right to spend money in my own way, I am Financially Independent. Why should only men get the cream and spend openly while partying with his boys?

Amit – I don’t think there is any difference between the two. A woman must be as free as a man in deciding the funds and spending them.

JWB – Is there a term ‘Financially Independent Wife’ or is it overrated?

Alka – Definitely overrated. Very less percentage of families have wives who are financially independent.

JWB – Lastly to both of you – if you get 1 million dollars, how will you spend them?

Alka – I will give him half and will ask him to go his way, and I will go my way. Haha.

Amit – How about spending it together, love? We will go holidaying to Ireland!

Alka – Actually, I would spend it on home décor.

Amit – But holidays?

Seeing his puppy-face, Alka put a Jim-Jam into his mouth, giggled and said – ‘Ok.’

Psst! We are in love with this couple! And, don’t forget to notice the blue shades in their clothes. Plus the daughter. Intentional? Whatever, we love!

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