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Alka Batra Reveals 4 New Campaigns Under FLO Jaipur

  • IWB Post
  •  June 8, 2015


This current FICCI FLO Jaipur Chapter Chairperson is one revolutionary woman we know of. Alka Batra, FLO Chairperson, has many new ideas in her mind to actually empower the women of her city. During the latest meeting with her, she revealed to us 4 new campaigns that will not just empower Jaipur women but also the 650 women members of FLO.

Know all about these four campaigns from Alka Batra herself:

  1. FLO Women Empowerment (WE) in Education

This is to empower the city’s underprivileged women who aren’t really financially independent. The idea is to train a batch of 200 women – 100 as Taxi Drivers and 100 as Security guards. This will be one of its kind campaigns that will be held in Jaipur. Their 2 months long training will be done under renowned city based driving schools and NCC respectively. To keep these women regular during the training course, each one of them will be given Rs. 100 per day during the training tenure.

Once this batch is successful, I am thinking to prepare 3 such batches of trained women. FLO Jaipur takes the full responsibility of placing them with companies across Jaipur city. Some of us have even decided to hire them as our personal drivers and house-guards.

  1. Computer Education

In this, about 20-30 underprivileged women will be given free basic computer education so that they can be placed for back-office jobs. Here, the girls who will be trained are already a bit educated but lack the latest knowledge that can help them fetch better salaries.

  1. WCD – Women Corporate Directors

This is exclusively for FLO Jaipur Chapter women who own business or are managers at a firm. Most of the time, their role is just limited to signing some important papers. However, I want to change this. I want to see these women as important part of their company’s boards and other decision making process. The idea is to inculcate some business management skills in them so that they can be the real Managers of their offices. Even non-members are allowed to be a part of it after paying a nominal fee.

  1. Swayam

This again is for FLO Jaipur members. I have already formed few groups that are each headed by city based professionals from various fields. The FLO members, wherever in dilemma regarding a career/business move, can consult these experts and take apt guidance. Basically, these experts will behave as mentors. In this way, our organization’s women will be challenged to do something new in their passionate fields without the fear of failing.

Isn’t all this commendable? Being the founder of Aegis Consultancy Services, Alka has a knack of perfect management. This totally shows in the way she has taken up her role of Chairperson. We wish her all the best.

We request our readers to suggest the names of such women around them who they think can get trainings under the 1st two programs. The more, the better! Keep an eye on this space to follow these FICCI FLO Jaipur campaigns.

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