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Ageism: A New Kind Of Discrimination

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  •  October 5, 2015


Forget race, color, caste and religion, one’s age is the new tool to discriminate against.

Or shall we say this discrimination has always been there! Women hiding their age prove so.

Women think that each passing year is making them less desirable for men and even the jobs they want to grab. The fear not being the ‘beauty with brains’ is eating our brains out! Maybe that’s the reason why more women opt for plastic surgery than men, and why they are the biggest target audience when it comes to selling anti-ageing creams.

Do you know, this fear is actually a kind of psychological disorder? No, seriously! We cannot allow age-related insecurities to creep into our lives and take over happiness. Can we?

So what’s the solution? It is to embrace the time gently. Do you know what, dear women, once you start accepting this beautiful reality of life, the society will stop this discrimination from its end as well. And trust us, your beauty has nothing to do with your age.

Meanwhile, watch this video telling ‘How to beat ageing’:

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