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After Knowing How Iceland Could Overcome Down Syndrome, We’ve Mixed Reaction

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  •  December 7, 2017


Iceland has become one of the few countries that has won over Down syndrome. A recent CBS News has revealed why only 2 Icelandic children are born with Down syndrome each year on an average.

The National University Hospital of Iceland (Landspítali) has been doing a prenatal screening of women since the early 2000s to detect the possible medical problems in the fetus. They have been detecting many disorders including the Down syndrome in the unborns so that the pregnant women can decide if they want to carry on with the pregnancy or not.

However, this move has been strongly opposed by the people outside Iceland who’re calling it unethical and a process of ‘social cleansing.’ For them, these abortions are against nature’s will.

The head of Landspítali’s Prenatal Diagnosis Unit Hulda Hjartardottir said, “We try to do as neutral counselling as possible, but some people would say that just offering the test is pointing you towards a certain direction.”

On the other hand, a few experts are calling it a rather wise step, especially for the financially unstable parents who might not be able to take care of their child with Down syndrome.

What are your thoughts?

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