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Why This Afghan Protest Matters For Every Muslim Woman In The World?

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  •  March 24, 2015

A 27 yr old woman, Farkhunda , was beaten to death by a mob outside one Kabul’s famous mosque after she was falsely being accused of burning a Quran. Farkhunda was a religious scholar who was beaten, pushed from a roof, run over by a car and set alight before her body was thrown in the Kabul River last Thursday.

The police investigation has found out that the Quran-burning allegations that prompted the attack were false. Soon after this, hundreds of Afghans protested in Kabul on Monday demanding justice and government prosecution for all those involved in her death.

Farkhunda’s coffin was carried by women’s activists, breaking the tradition of men-only pallbearers and funerals. Many women activists in the crowd wore masks of Farkhunda’s bloodied face, carrying banners accusing the government of breaking promises to end corruption and bring rule of law to Afghanistan.

But it is not always that women voice against crimes. As the Afghan film director Sahraa Karimi said: “This is typical of the women in positions of influence in Afghanistan — talking, talking & no action. How can they be our representatives?”

This demonstration is one of its kinds in Afghanistan and the whole world. More such protests are planned throughout this week to put pressure on the authorities to ensure that women’s constitutional rights to equality and protection from violence are respected at every level of the society. Don’t we have a thing to learn from these activists?

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