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Aditi Mali Creates Relatable Comics To Let You Know You Are Not Alone

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  •  June 13, 2019

If you are an avid instagrammer, chances are that you have come across the wide-eyed girl with a killer sense of humour, which often veers on the borders of self-deprecation but is funny as hell.

So, IWB decided to know more about the character Adi and ended up interviewing Aditi Mali, the brain behind Adi (maybe we can say alter ego) as she is the one who creates the hugely popular comic strips and shares them on her instagram page, which has more than 71k followers.

In an email interview with IWB, Aditi spoke about her love for comics since the time she was a child, how she feels there is a need to talk about mental health and the special bond she shares with her cat.

We started off by asking about the similarity of name between Aditi and her creation Adi, as the Sherlock fan inside us told that this is no coincidence.

“She basically represents me, Aditi, but sometimes also has a mind of her own. Her main aim is to make everyone smile when they see her and also assure them that they’re not alone in whatever they’re feeling,” said Aditi.

One look at the Aditi’s creations tell us that she is a master observer, a trait that reflects in the comics centred around Adi. At times, Adi is the girl-next-door dealing with examination pressures or during instances, she is speaking for body positivity and mental health, her simple but unique take giving us a fresh insight in the subjects.

When Aditi tells us about the fact that Adi doesn’t really bends herself according to other people’s requirement and also gives the message that one should stay the way she is without worrying about societal pressures, we are already hooting and rooting for her.

“She likes to be herself, hair on her body, bald head, small tits and doesn’t give a toot about societal norms of how a girl should be or behave.”


15k Likes, 43 Comments – Aditi Mali (Adi) (@goodbadcomics) on Instagram: “🌼😙”

On being asked about her story and how Aditi got drawn towards comic strips, Aditi tells us that right from the time when she was a child leaving in Pune, she had great flair for drawing and back in 2015, this culminated into her making the character of Adi, when she decided to make comics.

“I had started making comics around late 2015 and shared them on the internet due to peer pressure since June 2016. Initially, I was making comics to kill time and as a hobby and used to share them on whatsapp groups with my friends until they asked me to start sharing them on Instagram,” says Aditi.

One of the recurring topics that we see in the comics created by Aditi is mental health, with Adi, the protagonist, telling us to make peace with our own self, however imperfect it may be by the standards of the ‘conventional’ world.

Instagram post by Aditi Mali (Adi) * Mar 28, 2019 at 6:18pm UTC

13.4k Likes, 131 Comments – Aditi Mali (Adi) (@goodbadcomics) on Instagram

The message of body positivity and a healthy mental state devoid of inferiority complex have not only made Adi a darling of the internet but have also made us connect with her as someone who goes through the same ordeals that we face in the course of our daily lives.

Based on a recent conversation I had with someone :) #comics #webcomics

19.3k Likes, 64 Comments – Aditi Mali (Adi) (@goodbadcomics) on Instagram: “Based on a recent conversation I had with someone :) #comics #webcomics”

“The reason why I share them is that I want to make anyone going through anything remotely similar to my experience to know that it’s okay to feel that way and that they’re not alone,” says Aditi.

What’s your current favourite song? :) #repost

12.8k Likes, 159 Comments – Aditi Mali (Adi) (@goodbadcomics) on Instagram: “What’s your current favourite song? :) #repost”

“I’ve felt like I’m the only person feeling the way I feel on my worst days and still do sometimes, but when I look out through the internet window and see several people feeling the same way, I feel okay somewhere and find solidarity,” Aditi wins us with her words.

Perhaps the best way to be validated for your work is to get feedback from people, who look up to you and as expected, Aditi too very often gets messages from fans whose lives are changed for better after relating with the experiences of her creation, Adi.

Based on a recent conversation I had with someone :) #comics #webcomics

19.3k Likes, 64 Comments – Aditi Mali (Adi) (@goodbadcomics) on Instagram: “Based on a recent conversation I had with someone :) #comics #webcomics”

The last couple of weeks have been mentally tiring and reading the news has been exhausting and outraging at the same time. I feel like running away from the world and locking myself up in a room full of plants and my cat 💀 But at the same time I carry this guilt of not participating enough in fighting against injustice, for unheard voices etc while also realizing I need to be mentally strong to do all of that. Its so confusing, I don’t know the way out. I’m trying to find happiness in little things and it’s working a bit. I want to share so much but don’t have the energy to. Sighhhhhh I’m also finding it difficult to express myself which quite honestly is not something I enjoy a lot 🙃

6,610 Likes, 70 Comments – Aditi Mali (Adi) (@goodbadcomics) on Instagram: “The last couple of weeks have been mentally tiring and reading the news has been exhausting and…”

She accepts that sometimes, after making these comics for herself, when she sees people relating to it, Aditi feels something she can’t describe.

But if you felt that Adi is only about motivational messages, then you need to just see the numerous comic strips, where the character is having some pure innocent fun.

Mm I don’t know why No explanation Mmm #comics #webcomics #indiancomics #bfcomicsspotlight #goodbadcomics

4,062 Likes, 62 Comments – Aditi Mali (Adi) (@goodbadcomics) on Instagram: “Mm I don’t know why No explanation Mmm #comics #webcomics #indiancomics #bfcomicsspotlight…”

Another adorable character in her comics is a cat, which can make our hearts swing by just curling up by a chair (yes, you do get an idea of the cuteness quotient) or following Adi wherever she goes.

“My cat’s name is Cat but we call him Maau at home. He’s, I think, over two years old and really fat. He randomly came into my life in October 2017, I think he was around 6 months. We’ve been through some rough days together. He’s like my son. He IS my son,” Aditi fills us in with the background.

💥ITS OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!💥 I have so much to say about my little soft boi but gahhhh watch my story for more, I guess lol He’s been a BIG source of happiness, sunshine, sometimes annoyance and BIG INSPIRATION. I mean, jumping around within two months of shattering his femur?? Crazy. Please send in your adoption/rescue stories, I’d LOVE to illustrate them. It’ll also help spread awareness around adoption and rescue. For now I’m only illustrating three stories but eventually will try to draw them all!! :) 🤗 💞Send your stories with photos to gbcadoption@gmail.com!💞 #adoptdontshop #adoption #adoptstrays #catadoption

7,491 Likes, 138 Comments – Aditi Mali (Adi) (@goodbadcomics) on Instagram: “💥ITS OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!💥 I have so much to say about my little soft boi but gahhhh watch my…”

At the same breath she also warns us that we might regret asking her the question as she can’t really stop talking about her cat. She tells us an anecdote about how their bond got strengthened at the aftermath of an unfortunate accident a year back.

“He had an accident, where he fell off the third floor, in July 2018. He had to be put on cage rest for 2 months. He went from being a skinny legend to being a thick queen. I think looking after him during that time really got us closer and strengthened our bond.”

And we guessed rightly, Maau is both a major source of comfort and inspiration for Aditi.

“I’m the one he trusts the most and also bites the hardest for some reason haha. But he comforts me when I’m sad and I feed him when he’s hungry. Our bond is very special,” she sums it up.

Towards the end of the interview, we couldn’t help but ask a question to satiate our curiosity – we found many of her illustrations centered on butts. Why is it so?

Hahaha! The butt thing was a phase. I do still like butts, I think they’re very cool and we’d be nothing without them. That’s all I have to say about butts for now.”

#makestuffwithbutt #elvispresely

3,669 Likes, 35 Comments – Aditi Mali (Adi) (@goodbadcomics) on Instagram: “#makestuffwithbutt #elvispresely”


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