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This Ad Will Help You ‘Choose Beautiful’

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  •  April 8, 2015

If you have to select one thing between Average & Beautiful today, what will you choose? And tomorrow? And day after tomorrow??

Dove’s new ad asks you to ‘Choose Beautiful’. In Dove’s latest campaign, the team set up sign boards above side-by-side doors in five cities around the world – Shanghai, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo and Delhi. One of the sign boards says – ‘Average’, and the other reads – ‘Beautiful’.

All this was done to see which door women choose to walk through! The result is surprising & show how women around the world perceive themselves. It was recorded that most of the women walk through the door that reads ‘Average’.

One of the women from the video says – “Am I choosing because of what’s constantly bombarded at me and what I’m being told that I should accept? Or am I choosing because that’s what I really believe?”

Another woman says – “Given another chance, I would choose beautiful.”

Dove’s press release says:

So, what do you choose? :)

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