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Actress Santina Muha Answers Queries About Dating People In Wheelchair

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  •  September 3, 2015


People in wheelchairs come across a wide variety of questions on a daily basis. Some of these are curiosity-evoked, some logical, some personal, and then there are questions which are downright stupid!

People who ask such questions fail to realize how insensitive and hurtful their words come across to the other one. Well, there’s one woman who decided to satiate such probing curiosities, once and forever!

Actress, writer, and improviser, Santina Muha, takes the stage to answer queries which relate to dating people in wheelchairs. Watch this video where she humorously and satirically debunks weird perceptions associated with these people.

Oh, by the way, did I mention she has been in a wheelchair since the age of 5? Now, I’m sure you would want to take her word!

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