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Priya Motiani

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Actress Rima Kallingal’s Rant On Feminism Is Spot On!

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  •  July 2, 2016


Whilst many of the B-town beauties including Parineeti Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Madhuri Dixit (to name only a few) are smitten by the crazy ‘I-am-not-a-feminist’ bug, someone in the Malayalam film industry is outrightly bold and welcoming about the term.

Rima Kallingal is a Malayalam actress, who recently spoke up about gender bias, feminism, freedom of speech, and a lot more, in a recent interview with the website 1811ad. And her words are so empowering, we couldn’t resist presenting them to you! Following are few excerpts from the interview. So sit back, and allow a storm of empowerment flow through you.

About feminism:

“Even today, even now, women – even girls – who are educated and have seen the world, I have seen them being scared of identifying themselves as feminists because they will be isolated, because they are scared that they’ll be portrayed as man-haters. I see young girls like that around me. It is quite sad.

I saw on a page ‘what is the difference between feminists and babies’? The answer was ‘babies grow up and stop crying’. They really think we keep crying for something which is not really important. That’s what people still think of our demands.”

About glass ceiling:

“The glass ceiling is real, the struggle is real, there is no support system. I work in an industry where almost 95% of them are men. Only 1% of them want to address the problem. We should realize we are fighting with the rest of the 94%.

Among women who fall in the 5%, only 0.1% wants to stand up and speak out. The rest are people who are oblivious to the fact that there is such a problem. They don’t even want an equal stand. There are people who even ask why it is required.”

About transgenders:

”It’s worse than us for transgenders. Even now people don’t even accept that there is a sex like that. When I compare with that, I think we are on a better platform, and maybe we should be the ones helping them because we can empathize with them much better.”  

About being ambitious:

”I have seen a lot of young actors pushing themselves, making themselves visible, and I have seen them being lauded as ambitious, as a go-getter. And when an actress does the same thing, you’re picturized as desperate and it could go to weird levels. There starts the gender divide.”

About wanting acceptance in the industry:

”I wish as an artist I had avenues where I can sit with my team, I can talk to other artists, I can ask my writer what they had in mind when they were conceiving my character, what the director wants me to do when I am in front of the camera, what the cameraperson wants me to do to enhance my performance. I have often wished that actresses too had such an acceptance.”

Rima concludes by saying, “I don’t know how many times I’ll have to keep repeating this before I die, but then I am going to do it.”

Want to hear more from her? Here’s the whole interview:

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