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Actor Kangana Ranaut On New Dynamics Of Women Representation In Indian Cinema

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  •  May 17, 2019

As Bollywood stars grace the ongoing 72nd Cannes Film Festival, actor Kangana Ranaut was seen donning a traditional Kanjeevaram sari followed by a glamorous black pantsuit for her second look, making heads turn.

Amidst the high-end fashion scene in the French Riveria giving larger-than-life allure, Kangana visited the India Pavilion, where she spoke about how female actors do not have to fit into stereotypical roles anymore and the unfortunate circumstances technicians have to work in.

On the change in the representation of female actors in the industry

“Today I see so many actresses who can have a successful career if they don’t know dancing. Or if you are a dancer, you can continue doing that, but I feel that since the last year or two, a lot of women have made a comeback, be it Neena Gupta or Madhuri Dixit without being frowned upon for age. So, there are not mainstream things that are happening, but at least there are some examples to begin with, and it’s not a bad thing.

When I started out, after my debut in a very strong role, I was jobless for a considerable time because I was not fitting into the roles that were popular during those days… The singing and dancing, and that was the absolute. But now I see a lot of people and actresses who come and find themselves in some category. There are a lot of categories now… some can do niche cinema if you don’t know dancing. Like I didn’t know dancing and it was such a big deal. I can fight, I can do everything, but I am not good with dancing,” she said.

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64.6k Likes, 872 Comments – Kangana Ranaut (@team_kangana_ranaut) on Instagram: “THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED!! #Kangana arrives at #Cannes2019 in a custom @falgunishanepeacockindia…”


On the inhuman treatment of technicians

“Our technicians are hugely devalued and there are people who do stunts… there is no insurance for them. Human life, the way it is treated on sets, it’s so sad. Some people have no value of time. Shifts of 8 hours run to 12 hours and some people get so consumed by the so-called fashion and the lack of planning and organising things, that things roll into lunch breaks, snack breaks and there is so much delay… Actors, directors go into their vans, eat on time, they take care of their diet, but the way a unit is treated is definitely something we must look at.

There is a difference between the food they get. There’s Unit 1, 2, 3… these are petty things. Sometimes the films cost crores. Sometimes films have a huge budget, but because you are used to treat human life in such a crass way, you continue with that tradition without realizing you have the budget for everything, but you just don’t want to do it… There should be strict rules for that, and more for human rights.”

H/T: The Hindustan Times 

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