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Actor Juhi Parmar Shares Ups And Downs Of Single Parenting

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  •  August 8, 2018


Actor and single mom, Juhi Parmar, popularly known by her fans as television’s Kumkum, recently took her daughter Samairra to Disneyland on her fifth birthday. Last year, she got divorced from her husband Sachin Shroff after nine years of marriage. In an interview with The Indian Express, Juhi opened up about her life as a single parent.

“I think the biggest challenge of being a single parent is dealing with the guilt of not being able to be with your child as much as you would want to. Because you are handling the responsibility of both parents, you need to work extra hard. While doing Shani (which required her to stay away from Mumbai), I would often feel guilty about not being there for her. But one has to understand that I am not doing it out of choice, but because I have to,” Juhi shared.

“So, instead of spending quantity time, I started spending more quality time even after being so busy working for the show. I would take her out on vacations, make exciting plans which made her happy, and look forward to time together again,” she added.

What helped her during tough times was the constant support of her parents. “I was also able to handle the tough times thanks to my parents. They took complete care of Samairra in my absence like parents do. I am not comfortable with the idea of leaving behind my child with a maid. And if they weren’t around, I wouldn’t have been able to step out to work. The credit of being able to go to work again peacefully goes completely to my parents. I just cannot thank them enough,” she said.

A single parent, in an attempt to fulfill the roles of both a mother and a father, can end up pampering the child to the limits of spoiling her. There’s a very thin line between pampering and spoiling. Being a doting parent, it becomes really difficult to keep that line intact. I definitely do pamper her to the extent of spoiling her (smiles). But I make sure that I don’t spoil her as a human being. As a child and my daughter, I only do what’s best for her,” she said.

Don’t forget to inculcate good habits and most importantly, good characteristics in your child. I pamper Samairra by getting everything for her but I make sure to tell her how to value things, feel blessed and be thankful for everything. I want her to know the value of hard work. She needs to know that Mom works really hard to be able to earn this kind of money, to be able to do everything that she wants. I don’t want her growing up and taking money, things, people and relationships for granted,” she added.

Calling Samairra her strength, she said, “Recently, while I was going through a tough phase, looking at her gave me the courage to fight. I knew I couldn’t afford to break or quit. She gives me the reason to keep going and be strong. She gives me the reason to keep my head high. I want to set an example for her. So that when she grows up, she can confidently say that she is proud of her mother.”

H/T: The Indian Express

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