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Actor Aisha Ahmed On How She’s ‘Adulting’ In Bombay & Slowly Making It Big Through The World Of Web Series

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  •  January 9, 2019

Jaane kya tune kahi,

Jaane kya maine suni,

Baat kuch ban hi gayi.

जाने क्या तूने कही, जाने क्या मैने सुनी, बात कुछ बन ही गईI

Remember this Geeta Dutt song? I happened to hear it after many years when I called Aisha Ahmed…err...Aisha R Ahmed (R stands for Rukhsar, her mother). The moment she picked up the call, I understood that for this young actor, if there was any moment to be fun and frolic, it’s now.

During our conversation, she hired an auto-rickshaw, chatted with the driver and appreciated his driving skill and printed shirt, requested him to stop the rickshaw at a traffic signal so she could smother a stray dog, and even panicked as she realized she didn’t call her mom back after the latter phoned her four times earlier that day. By the end of those 20-minutes of the interview, one thing was clear – Aisha is that girl-next-door who you long wanted to be friends with. Extremely effervescent, I must say!

Read my conversation with the 22-year-old actor who is currently a favorite of many, thanks to her quirky appearance in Dice Media’s web series ‘Adulting‘ and Bollywood film ‘3 Storeys.

A chaotic day or is it typical?  

Well, that’s my attempt at blending in everything that Bombay has showered upon me. Currently, my only thought is which friend to call and which café to go to.

You don’t want to catch a quick nap after a long day?

Nope, because I am your classic ‘people’s person’ who finds peace in chaos (read: lots of cray-cray friends).

How has life changed after fame and fan-mails started hitting you?

Thanks for saying that because my brother thinks I’m only famous on Instagram. On a serious note, I think life has gotten way too exciting. It’s, for sure, a beautiful feeling when complete strangers tell you that they look up to you through encouraging messages.

Were you always passionate about acting?

Even though my mom Rukhsar is an actress, I never really got a chance to witness filmmaking or for that matter, live a happening life in Mumbai as a child. When small, I lived in Uttar Pradesh at my maternal grandfather’s. Later, mom got me admitted to a boarding school in Nashik. I remember the times she used to visit me and how students would surround her and ask for autographs. As a kid who hadn’t had a chance to see her mother in days, I used to feel angry and grumpy. I now miss everything about the school and its nature-clad neighborhood. Umm…what were we talking about?


Yes, so it was only after high school that I could actually experience the air of Bombay, most importantly, Bollywood. I began accompanying mom to sets, audition, and red carpet that familiarized me with the film industry.

Mommy dearest took me for PK’s Success Party. #Pk #BestMother #Bollywooddreams & Shizz happening yaaa 😎☺️❤️ P.S. My knees look like baby faces 😹🙈

495 Likes, 11 Comments – Aisha Ahmed (@aisharahmed) on Instagram: “Mommy dearest took me for PK’s Success Party. #Pk #BestMother #Bollywooddreams & Shizz happening…”

How did you get your first break?

Oh, that happened when I was 15. It was for a flour brand called ‘Elephant Atta’ and I played a housewife. Awkward? Maybe, but I had a lot of fun shooting it. It was telecasted abroad and that, my dear friend, gave me my first stardom moment when a few years later, someone in London came up to me and asked, “Aren’t you that Elephant-girl?” To which I yelled ‘Yes!’ and we hugged!

Sweet. And then a few years later, offers of web series started flowing in. Am I right?

Yup, web series and some fun video for online portals catering to a majority of the youth audience. I’m glad I could reach this far without any sort of acting degree backing me. Though, I’ve been a regular part of workshops and theatrical shows in and around the city.

What did you do with your first salary?

I took many pictures of it against different backgrounds and then handed it over to my mom because, hello, I was a responsible minor. She immediately deposited it in my bank account. TBH, I still get asked about my superfluous expenses every day. Don’t you?

With only a few episodes on air, your latest web series ‘Adulting’ is a big hit already. How cool is that! What has been your experience like?

Since the team majorly constitutes of women, it’s fun working with so many boss women. Talking about one, it is Sheeba Chaddha (who plays my mom) who’s totally won my heart. It definitely brings a positive impact at your workplace if the femme-energy is guiding you. Don’t you agree when I say women are more sensitive and like giving details to everything they do?

Absolutely! How close do you feel to Nikhat, your character in ‘Adulting?’

We are quite similar, for example, as emotional humans, we are way too dependent on people around us.

I love you for this :p Watch the last episodenof @dicemediaindia new web-series ADULTING, LINK IN BIO.

24k Likes, 831 Comments – FilterCopy (@filtercopy) on Instagram: “I love you for this :p Watch the last episodenof @dicemediaindia new web-series ADULTING, LINK IN…”

Have you ever had any cool roommate like Ray (Yashaswini Dayama)?

I lived in a boarding school which means I got to share my room with 30-40 girls at a time. While you find many like-minded people in school hostels, you also turn foe towards a few. Like this one girl who annoyed me with what she was watching on the common TV. I wanted to watch an award show but she never passed me the remote control. That’s why I had to take the baton in my hands and that night, we got into a cat-fight and ended up tearing one another’s clothes.

Whoa! ‘Adulting’ shows the colorful life of two roommates living a casual and super-cool life in Bombay. I’m sure it’s fun to shoot.

It is more fun because you can relate to the characters. These two BFFs are often broke because they’ve spent all the hard-earned money on the Justin Bieber concert and later, at the weekend house-party. This happens with me quite often, you see. I am one of those who feel extremely rich on the salary day and like a beggar the rest of the days.

Do you also hide ‘things’ from your mom like Nikhat does?

I will take the liberty to say that I’ve absolutely no privacy at home. You can usually spot me and my mom in each other’s rooms, so basically, there’s nothing that’s hidden from her. EXCEPT, the money. Like that over-smart teenager, I seldom show her my empty wallet to her in order to extract pocket-money.

Just #theatre things. 🎭 #Junglebook2 #Rehearsals 🦄

823 Likes, 10 Comments – Aisha Ahmed (@aisharahmed) on Instagram: “Just #theatre things. 🎭 #Junglebook2 #Rehearsals 🦄”

I love your recent red-carpet appearances. Do you style yourself?

Yes! I enjoy doing that. I mix and match things and mostly take advice from my permanent roommate, mom!

If not an actor, what would you have been?

A Casting Director because I’ve worked as an Asst. CD a couple of years ago.

Lastly, what’s your tip on staying positive and smiling radiantly all day long?

I don’t try to handle things that irk me all by myself. Instead, I involve my friends and family to solve the case and be a part of it. Exactly this helps me keep cool.

(pictures are Aisha’s own)


First published on May 22, 2018.

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