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Activist Kavitha Gajendran On The Stigmas That Dissuade Women From Speaking Against Sexual Violence

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  •  March 12, 2019

An extortion racket has been unearthed in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, where a four-member gang was found to be sexually assaulting and blackmailing several college girls for money for weeks.

It was found out that the gang used to lure these girls to secluded spots, hotels and even cars where they molested and filmed them in the process. The videos were later used to threaten and blackmail these girls so as to extort money from them.

The racket had been going on for a few weeks, but it was only after a complaint was filed by a victim that the police took notice of the same. The girl had shared everything with her parents and that’s how a complaint was filed, following which the men were arrested by the police.

The case has sparked social media outrage. Activist Kavitha Gajendran from Chennai, shedding light on why women refrain from taking action against sexual violence, shared, “The body-shaming, the concept of purity and honour, play a major role in dissuading women from lodging a complaint. The stigma is unimaginable. I came across a post on social media in which a man says he will not marry someone from Pollachi. I was shocked. This is a deep-rooted malaise and requires a strong will to be removed.”

“They believed they could earn handsome money by using women this way is itself a sign that something is deeply flawed in our society. Children have to be able to open up to their parents without fear of the stigma, or of being forced out of schools or colleges. We also need sex education in schools. We have to change the narratives around victimisation,” she added.

H/T: The Wire 

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