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Acid Attack Survivor Inspires Through Amazing Recovery Pictures

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  •  September 13, 2017


She was left in a tremendous amount of pain after an acid attack but instead of going through her struggles alone, Resham Khan decided to share her story on social media to inspire many others like her.

Resham, who is studying business at Manchester Metropolitan University, was celebrating her 21st birthday in London this summer when she was attacked. A liquid substance believed to be sulphuric acid was sprayed through the window of her car on June 21. Both suffered face and neck injuries and writing on her blog from her hospital bed Resham said: “My plans are in pieces; my pain is unbearable, and I write this letter in hospital whilst I patiently wait for the return of my face.”
In a blog post last month the aspiring model described herself as ‘mentally up and down’ and spoke about the scars she has and the procedures, such as skin grafts, that she is still undergoing.

But over the weekend she posted images of herself on Twitter dressed up for Eid that shows how remarkable her recovery has been, with no visible scarring to her face, to the joy of many of her followers. To celebrate Eid al-Adha, she decided to wear a full face of makeup. Though the results were gorgeous, Khan revealed that the process hurt quite a bit and there was a lot she couldn’t do because of the damage to her face and the healing that still needs to occur.
She wrote, “In terms of applying makeup, it has become so much harder. I miss being able to have fun with shadows and liner. And my heart longed for a pair of fake eyelashes. But with time and the help of my doctor, I hope one day it’s achievable.” Hopefully, with more time to heal and the help of doctors, applying makeup won’t cause her pain anymore and will only bring her joy.

Emma Hiley said: “Wow you are so beautiful! So glad you have made a full recovery. Such an inspiration.”
And Akin Rumoju said: “Glad to see you’re recovering well. I pray your cousin makes a full recovery too. No one deserves the pain you’ve both been put through.”

In a follow-up tweet thanking her followers for their support, Resham said: “THANK YOU SO MUCH.Currently, I have two main priorities; to make a full recovery and to make sure no one ever goes through the living nightmare that I have endured. ” She’s now campaigning for changes to the law so acid can only be bought with a license,  “I cannot sit back whilst others remain indoors in fear of this happening to them. This problem needs to be eliminated.”

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