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Ayushi Agarwal

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Acid Attack Survivor And Activist Becomes A Mother. Congratulations Laxmi!

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  •  November 9, 2015


Diwali is fast approaching, which is a symbol of the prevalence of good over bad. We crucify and burn Raavan each year, as a mythological representation of getting rid of an evil entity. But, what did Raavan do to deserve the same treatment every year?

When Sita refused to acknowledge his advances, he abducted her and took her to his home, where she was no doubt kept in seclusion, but with dignity and respect. Let’s face it, he did not rape her, throw acid on her, or even  physically abuse her. In today’s times, Sita would have been considered as an extremely lucky woman.

JWB has been following Laxmi’s story for a long time now and it seems that congratulations are in order for her! Laxmi was only 16 years old when an evil man of twice her age threw acid on her because she rejected his advances back in 2005. As a result, she was mutilated beyond recognition.

But, God decided to be merciful to Laxmi, now 26 years old and crossed her path with Alok Dixit, 28, a social activist working for the welfare of acid attack victims. He was capable of seeing the lost Laxmi, behind the scars and disfiguration. They have a live-in relationship, since the two of them do not believe in the constitution  of marriage. Today, she is a mother of a 7-month old baby girl, whom she calls ‘Pihu’. She, along with her husband run the ‘Stop Acid Attack Campaign’.

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