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Aakansha Rakyan: “I was looking for the perfect clutch story & I’ve found one”

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  •  October 10, 2015


What were you doing when you were in your early twenties? As far as I am concerned, I was guessing whether to be an HR professional or go for my PhD. I was okay with that ‘phase’ because I thought everyone in my age go through it. I was terribly wrong.

If you carry the same perception, come let’s read the story of Aakansha Rakyan, a 23–year-old Product Designer turned Entrepreneur, in her own words.


I am an Accessory Designer. But like any other child in a business family, I was expected to join the business. Duh. As dull as I am sounding telling you this, let me confess, I was not at all interested walking that path.7

So I gave myself a few days and asked my inner self what is that I love the most! Dramatically, this inner-voice answered, “Its bags and watches, if you are not asking about the family!” I took the words seriously and went ahead with it. *laughs*14

When I told my parents about my decision, they thought it’s just a ‘phase’. Anyway, I got started and drew some designs of how I wanted my products to look like. In a couple of weeks, I was done with my homework and was sure about making party bags for women that include clutches, sling bags, etc.4

Next, I took my designs to artisans living deep inside the Pink city. Hunting them was a task, I must say. I was looking for those artist-families who had been involved in the traditional embroidery work since generations, because my products were going to be all about Indian motifs. 9

In the initial phase, I had to sit with the artisans to make them understand how to go about a particular stitch. Or, for that matter, the color combinations. This happens even today. I remember the day when my first final product got ready, I was overjoyed. After that, there was no stopping.10

Today, I do exhibitions in various cities and even sell worldwide. I get calls from brides asking to customize their bags in accord with the attires they wear on D-day.16

I design clutches that can carry your cell phone, makeup compact and anything else you need for an afternoon or evening out and about!2

In the future, I look forward to bringing my USP of embroideries and stone work in women shoes! Yes ladies, get ready to wear Punjab’s Phulkari, Gujarat’s Patola, Rajasthan’s gota-patti and much more in the form of high heels and belts! 11

I am sooo excited! I know how excited I am sounding right now. 19

Inspired? So are we.

I am sure there are more women out there in Jaipur who are doing brilliantly in their lives? Do you know any? Write to us at contactjaipurwomenblog@gmail.com, and our team will meet her!

Photo courtesy: Nupur Agarwal

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