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A Woman Was Told To ‘Go To Gym’ When She Asked For Lehenga In Plus Size

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  •  December 9, 2015


When bride-to-be Mona Joshi from Mumbai went shopping, she didn’t expect her happy-shopping-experience to turn into a nightmare.

On December 2, she went to Kalki Fashion in Santacruz and asked for a particular lehenga design if it was available in her size. Store’s salesperson told her that they had nothing available in her size. She then asked what women of her size were supposed to do, and he replied: “Go to the gym.”


Mona Joshi

Shocking? Very much.

She told BuzzFeed, “The moment he made that remark, I was in complete shock for a while. I felt ashamed for some reason like I made a mistake by asking him for a garment in my size. In that moment, I felt like I deserved that comment.”

Mona’s friend Shresht Poddar who was with her at the time wrote an email to the owner of Kalki Fashion citing the incident.

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He told BuzzFeed, “The purpose is not to defame a brand. The owner cannot be held responsible for a momentary action of an employee. It is to share awareness about fat shaming and much-needed politeness and basic decency among people. I felt a little angry for leaving that store without showing my discomfort with that comment because I knew that the man did not register what he said was wrong and that he would say something like that again to another girl.”

Another friend of Mona, ‎Shounak Amonkar, too expressed his discomfort in a post that he wrote on Kalki Fashion’s FB page.


I apologize for my language ! A dear friend of mine went to your Santacruz west store to look for ghagaras, and she’s a…

Posted by Shounak Amonkar on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Director of Kalki Fashion, Shishir Gupta, then replied on the post telling how sorry he feels about what happened and how he is going to ensure that no other woman becomes a target of fat-shaming in his store.


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