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A win-win or a win-lose deal for women at Paris Climate Change Summit?

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  •  December 16, 2015


Well, well, well! Paris Climate Change Summit is a talk of the town, no wait, talk of the world as over 150 Bigwigs from different countries were united for a common agenda (you heard us right, one common goal).

This Climatic Change does impose bigger implications for humankind as a whole and most importantly women from weaker communities.  The same thought was amplified by Ms. Mary Robinson when she quoted: ” If we took away barriers to women’s leadership, we would solve the climate change problem a lot faster.”

This Summit indeed posed a bigger challenge as these high profile Heads spent two weeks in chalking out a blueprint (with their thinking hats on), on how we in our individual capacities would play bigger roles in reducing the emission of Greenhouse gases.

Here is what was drafted at the Summit:

– Limiting the Earth’s warming to 1.5 Degree (an Ambitious target) to start off with, which indicates that developing nations like India would require Superhero powers to attain this.

– Developing & underdeveloped countries would gain immediate financial aid to deal with the aftermath and to mitigate the future implications.

What baffles us is that not the full agreement is a legal binding, and many nations may take this as an excuse for not living up to the commitment posed.  Special aid or support to women community was given amiss in this draft which surely disappointed us.

Women in general from different regions, cultures do fall prey to various climatic changes and our voices go unheard.

Against all the dramatic backdrop of this summit,  we do hope that we get a Super Hero, who will listen to our concerns and bring in some positivity.

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