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Priya Motiani

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A Successful Entrepreneur & Actor, This Woman Suffers From Down Syndrome

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  •  November 24, 2015


Laura Green, a resident of the UK, is a successful entrepreneur and an actor in musicals. What makes her an inspiration for us is the fact that she’s living her life’s dream despite the obstacle that has tagged along with her since birth.



She suffers from Down’s Syndrome – a genetic disorder that leads to delayed milestones and mild to moderate intellectual disability. Remember we met one such woman as a part of our Special Daddy campaign?

Getting back to Laura, she runs her fashion accessory label by the name Serendipity. As beautiful as the name of her brand sounds, the journey of establishing it wasn’t that simple. Instead, she had to go through a whole lot of other difficulties.


There was no career planning at school for me, I was just killing time until I was moved onto the next step in the system,says Laura who went on to study business and retail in college.

But sadly enough, the circumstances surrounding her forced her to drop out as she was bullied. Nevertheless, she didn’t give up and found herself a job with a self-advocacy group, Halton Speak Out. It is with help from this group that Laura discerned her flair for fashion accessories and went on to build a career through this flair. Also, she often performs as an actor in various musicals.


“It’s important for people with learning difficulties to have jobs. I’m offering other young people work placements now. I’ve taken on two people with similar needs. I’m living my dream,” said Laura in a recent interview.

We salute Laura and her inextinguishable fighter spirit! May the odds be always in her favor!

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