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  •  January 22, 2014

Woman’s first career is always the role of being a woman. It is a multifarious and multidimensional role & sadly it leaves very little space for a Professional or a woman who wants to make it big in career. This real ‘Career’ is like a secret wish for her that she carries in her dreams ever since she played ‘Doctor-Doctor’, ‘Chor-Police’ or ‘My Lord-Your Honor’ with brothers, sisters and friends in childhood.


As life unfolds, most of us get lost in the maze of life performing diverse tasks expected of a woman; but a few courageous ones learn to sort out their expectations and desires from life. These bold and beautiful ladies take up the career ladder parallel to their existent roles of sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mother, mother-in-law, aunt or even grand-mothers. They are those brave hearts who choose to give an extra ounce of them just to unfold the dream of a professional ‘Career’.  A woman’s career may not always be necessitated by a financial need. Finances may help substitute a family’s larger dreams but the courage for a career comes forth from the need of self-realization. A realization that ‘I too can’; and this is what gets her going…to burn that extra oil to meet out to a dual role!

I salute the courage and efforts of all women, who can ‘care’ for those around her as well as ‘dare’ to live her own dreams. Life is a gift and hardships are only the hurdles that make the game interesting and worthwhile…to be played with enthused vigor till the last day.

I BELIEVE: “A woman is a gift to life; a happy woman is a celebration of life.”

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