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A no-makeup girl among many decorated ones

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  •  August 20, 2014


August 19 was the World Photography Day and to celebrate it in the best possible way, we hunt down the Female Photographers from Jaipur.

Meet Priyal Sokhiya, born and brought up in Jaipur, now works in Mumbai and doing pretty well. After a little family convincing and struggle in finding the right mentor in Mumbai, she is slowly coming up with flying colors. We did a quick phone-interview with her.


JWB – Who are you?

PS – A no-makeup girl among many decorated ones.

JWB – Your struggles?

PS – The old story of a small town girl in a big bad city was re-telecasted on me.


JWB – What do you like to capture?

PS – Emotions, expressions. Rough, messy background with a beautiful model is my catch generally.

JWB – What is in your mind right now?

PS – I am in Pushkar for a shoot and thinking about what frame to catch next. Can you help me?

JWB – What is the most bizarre, weird and funny thing ever happened to you while working?


PS – I was assisting photographer for the film ‘Ready’ and was shooting ‘The Salman Khan’ for movie’s promotions. I was all busy clicking him from every possible angle and suddenly he came to me and said – ‘Madam, bas karo’. That was shocking for few seconds but later I realized it was the ‘Candid Salman’ after all.

JWB – Who is your inspiration?

PS – My father, Mr. Tarachand Sokhiya. He never allowed the kids to touch his camera and lenses and that intrigued more interest in me.

JWB – Why Mumbai?

PS – I am waiting for solid opportunities in my city Jaipur. Till then it is Mumbai for me.

JWB – Any suggestions for amateur photographers?

PS – Not every person with DSLR is a photographer. So it is good to take few lessons beforehand. Also, it is quite an expensive career or hobby to follow. So if you are really passionate about it, do it.


JWB – Lastly, we love your hair!

PS – Look African, eh? This is an identity I got from my mother. People may forget Priyal, but then they remember the girl of this hair type with whom they had once worked.

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