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Komal Panwar

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A New Research Suggests That You Don’t Need To Workout Everyday

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  •  January 11, 2017


It’s 2017, and we need to cut ourselves some slack. Really, it’s not going to kill you to not work out for a couple of days, women!

Fortunately for us lazy bums, who don’t mind working out say… twice a week, things just got better.

A new research suggests that working out only on the weekends maybe enough for your body.

However, there’s a catch there. The recommended amount is 150 minutes of moderate or 75 vigorous minutes of activities from those 2 weekly sessions. It’ll also ensure that you don’t die too soon (unless you get hit by a cab).

Well, twice a week isn’t that bad folks. You could pick up running, cycling, taking a long walk with your pet, anything at all!

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