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A Little Discipline & A Lot Of Love, Nibedita Ghosh Shares The Secret Recipe Of Bengali Motherhood

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  •  May 12, 2019

With a careful mix of a little discipline and a lot of love, Nibedita Ghosh has brought up her daughters like a true blue Bengali mother.

Nibedita believes that children are receptive to the smallest of nuances in your behavior and get moulded accordingly. As she explains, “You cannot succumb to all your children’s whims in their formative years. It would hamper their growth in the long run. While there is no question about loving your children unconditionally, there also is a need to have a strict stance in some cases.”

Her idea of authoritative parenting is something that Nibedita has inherited from her own mother and is absolutely grateful to her both for the way she was brought up and how it helped her in shaping her children into strong, independent individuals.

It is really interesting how the tables have turned over the time in the Ghosh household. Now it is the children who take care of their parents and constantly encourage them to live life to the fullest.

“Now that both our daughters are settled in other cities, sometimes it gets lonely. It’s just me and my husband in the house. There are days when we get really depressed and that’s when my daughters act as a strong support system for us. They often say, ‘Why are you getting disheartened? You have done a great job in raising us and making us who we are today, now is the time for you to enjoy life.’ They are constantly encouraging us like we used to do when they were kids,” Nibedita says in a voice filled with pride.

She also feels that since times have changed drastically and things aren’t the same as they were, it is natural that her children should take the lead now and teach the parents some new things.

She shares, “In today’s world, everything has been digitalized and while those who are working find it easier to catch up, housewives like me sometimes end up lagging behind. However, my daughters keep pushing me to learn new things and keep pace with the world. They have purchased all kinds of gadgets for me and make sure that I get thoroughly acquainted with their working.”

While Nibedita and her family embrace the changes as they come, there are certain things which haven’t changed at all, her daughters enthusiasm for her and her husband’s birthdays being one of them.

“It wasn’t like this in our generation. All we used to do was wish our parents but our children take our birthdays very seriously. There always has to be a celebration,” she says. To Nibedta’s great joy, her daughters happen to be equally enthusiastic about traditional Bengali customs. They love getting involved in all the traditional Bengali pujas and do that with all the vigour of a true Bong family.

“They dress up in sarees, draped in the traditional Bengali style, cherish our food, and take great interest in the smallest of rituals. It fills my heart with so much of joy. I think being rooted in your culture as you continue to grow is integral for an individual’s as well as a family’s holistic growth,” she says.

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