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Lavanya Bahuguna


A Lesson All Men Can Learn From Ravana

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  •  October 21, 2015


I object labeling Ravana as a bad guy. Why? After all, he was a gentleman in a way. How? Read ahead…

Ravan was a well-learned Brahmin, an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and a good ruler. Because of his devotion, Shiva gave him 10 heads & Brahma gifted him ‘amrit naabhi’. Sutra states that Ravana was looking forward to get killed by Lord Rama to get enlightenment. For that, he kidnapped Rama’s beautiful wife, Sita and kept her hostile in his rather astonishing garden ‘Ashok Vatika’.

Ravana proposed to Sita for marriage but never did he touch her. He was portrayed as someone who waited for Sita’s CONSENT over his proposal, which never happened.

I wonder, how could Ravana manage to hold his passion for so long? Maybe, it was his deep rooted values to respect women. Agree? Imagine the same situation in today’s world. The mere imagination is horrific.

This is Kalyug, and we are slowly moving far from our ethics. The increasing number of rapes & domestic violence is a proof of woman being seen as a mere object. Women get touched in various forms without her consent. The pinching on butts while walking in streets, brushing elbow over breasts in an elevator, rubbing the back in a billing counter queue, etc. Men want to do ‘it’, they do it and then they blame women. Women never ask to get physically harassed. Who would?

Did Sita ask Ravana to kidnap her?

Close family & friends may not need consent to pat the back, hug or rub the head. This can come without permission and women accept it as a form of love. But if you are a husband/boyfriend, you are supposed to ask her if she is in the same mood. You know what I mean, right?

Not every time your wife is ready to get intimate in bed. She has her emotional days (just like you), she also gets tired, the hormonal change in her body causes body aches and mood swings. All this isn’t easy to deal with. Trust me, the pain before, during and after menstruation is UNBEARABLE. Don’t expect us to please you in bed all the time.

I ask you, wait, actually all the women want to ask you – Do you have the courage to respect our privacy and wait for our consent?

Dear Men, this is a brilliant lesson that you can learn from Ravana. If you want to have intimacy, ask your lady first.  This is not a rule; it just shows how much you respect her.

Asking a woman her consent before touching her is a gentleman’s act. And, a turn-on. For me. (Of course, we wait for your ‘all-of-a-sudden’ kisses)

Before I stop giving this meaningful lecture, let me tell you a hidden twist in Ravana’s story. He was told if ever he would disrespect a woman, he will lose one of his heads. Fearing, he never touched Sita! It also shows how men can control their inner deep desires, fearing if one commits such acts, this can take away the dignity and the honor.


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