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90 Y.O. Rani Kar Joins A Human Chain To Demand Fair And Safe Elections In Raiganj

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  •  April 13, 2019

Ninety-year-old Rani Kar, who lives in Raiganj, has written a letter to the district administration seeking protection for the voters in the polls being conducted on April 18 for the Raiganj seat.

Explaining her intent behind this letter, Rani said, “In the municipal elections of 2017, I have seen how violence was unleashed in the town and our locality. Common voters were intimidated so that they did not turn up at the booths. I could not cast my vote. As I learnt that another election would be held soon, I felt it necessary to appeal to the administration as a citizen, seeking security for all voters.” Another such incident was when Rani had gone to vote in the civic polls and someone lobed a bomb. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured. Rani’s younger son was murdered in 2004 after he spoke out against some eve teasers.

Rani’s husband, who passed away in 2007, used to be a freedom fighter of North Dinajpur and it was from him that Rani learned to fight against injustice. She says, “My husband had taught all of us to protest injustice. Even though he was ill, he was a regular voter and used to say that this is what the country has achieved with its independence. His thoughts have encouraged me to make the move, even at this age.”

Due to suffering from certain age-related illness, Rani wasn’t able to watch the TV or the news but said, “I could hear my sons discuss the elections. I told them I want to send a letter to the administration and asked them whether they could appeal to other residents of the town to join hands and form a human chain to express solidarity with my demand.”

Rani’s two sons took her to the district magistrate’s office on Wednesday, one day before the first phase of polling and Rani carried the letter herself. Being unable to climb stairs, she waited in the car while her sons submitted the letter. And on Friday, Rani, along with 2,000 people, joined to form a human chain demanding free, fair and safe elections.

Despite her awe-inspiring strength, Rani doesn’t believe she has done anything extraordinary and says, “I have not done anything exemplary. Being a common voter of this country, I have the right to seek security from the state so that I can exercise my right without any problem.”

The District Magistrate of North Dinajpur, Arvind Meena has promised to undertake “all possible measures to ensure free and fair polls.”

H/T: The Telegraph
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