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8 Rules Of Negotiating To Start Applying Now!

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  •  April 7, 2015


Before you apply for a new job and go for an interview, check out this list of Dos while negotiating for salary.

Though, negotiating isn’t an easy process, these tips are sure to make it comfortable. According to the author of TheMuse, there are 8 rules of negotiation:

  1. The first rule: Don’t lie. The goal is be truthful without giving away too much negotiating power. (Harvard Business Review)
  2. The second rule: Don’t ask for the impossible. In most cases, there’s about 3,000 to 5,000 of “wiggle room.” (Fast Company)
  3. The third rule: Don’t reveal your salary history. While there are exceptions, usually it’s in your best interests to have the employer name a number first. (TheLadders)
  4. The fourth rule: Don’t be rude. Your chances of being successful will go up if you’re gracious and polite. (PayScale)
  5. The fifth rule: Don’t use a “normal” number. Researchers say that, for example, $64,750 is a better ask than $65,000. (The Daily Muse)
  6. The sixth rule: Don’t forget the other benefits. Flex time, an earlier salary review, and upgraded software are all non-salary benefits you can bargain for. (U.S. News)
  7. The seventh rule: Don’t stop negotiating. After some time on the job, you should definitely go to your employer and take another look at your contract. (LearnVest)
  8. The eighth rule: Don’t forget to pick your negotiation time wisely. There are four great times you should negotiate—and three you shouldn’t. (The Daily Muse)

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