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7 Y.O. Chef Nihal Raj Reveals To IWB Why He’s A Hollywood Superstar

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  •  November 14, 2017


Cooking is fascinating. I think every Christmas, I would write a letter to Santa Claus, not to bring me a Barbie Doll but a big ass kitchen set. And then, I’d melt biscuits in water and feed them to mom and dad. Tehehe. That’s probably why they don’t let me cook.

But, this little fella is more than just a biscuit melting, parent torturing chef. Yeah, I kid you not, Nihal Raj, the 6-year-old who is effortlessly making brownies and fudges, got a chance to enjoy a date with Ellen DeGeneres.

Yeah, I’m jealous, no, not of the kid, but Ellen. Because I hear that all the food he prepares consists of an essential ingredient: Love. Nihal has his very own YouTube page, KichaTube that is bubbling with some great recipes.

This Children’s Day, I thought I’d give him a call to find out how he’s doing. I called up the little Chef, who donated a part of his earnings from Facebook to autistic children in Kerala. When his mother Ruby handed over the phone to him, he greeted me with an elongated and excited “Helllooooo.”

Me: Hi Nihal! Did you have your breakfast yet?

Nihal: Yes I made a sandwich, and mom will make Fried Rice for me soon.

Me: Do you like fried rice?

Nihal: I looooveeeee fried rice.

Me: What is the first dish you ever prepared?

Nihal: The first thing I ever prepared? Just a second. It was strawberries, water. It was a strawberry popsicle!

Me: Do you help your mom with cooking?

Nihal: Not so much. Mom says when I grow a little older, I can use the burners, then. But for now, she keeps me away from it. But yes, I cook for my channel.

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Well said, Nihal. Because the safety first!

Me: Your mom told me you’re going out to play now. What will you be playing?

Nihal: See, I’d really want to ride my cycle right now, but sadly it’s broken. Dad has taken the cycle to the repair shop to get it fixed. So until then, I’ll be playing Football. I don’t like cricket too much.

Me: What do you like cooking the most?

Nihal: Nutella Brownies. Wait wait, not just Nutella brownies, but cookies, too.

If I were you, I’d concentrate more on eating those. Tehe.

Me: What’s one dish mom makes that you love the most?

Nihal: Fried rice! 

And, that’s true love!

Me: How do you make your videos?

Nihal: I’m the Hollywood Superstar, my mom is the director and daddy, the cameraman.

Me: Who washes the dishes once the cooking has finished?

Nihal: Don’t worry, I help mom with washing the dishes.

Me: What are the rules you follow when you have to cook?

Nihal: I wash my hands every time before I start cooking. It’s important to have clean hands if you want to cook.

Me: How do you make sure not to waste food?

Nihal: My mom gives me a “Thumbs Down” if I waste food, so I never waste food, and always get a “Thumbs Up”!

Me: What advice would you give to the kids who don’t want to eat healthy food?

Nihal: Please eat healthy food, it is good for you. You should eat ten vegetables a day like me!

Me: Nihal, there must be at least one vegetable that you are taking out of your plate while eating?

Nihal: *thinking* Tomatoes and Broccoli.

Me: Were you nervous when you went on the Ellen show?

Nihal: Not at all! I was veryyyyyyyy happy! I was sooooooo happy, and it was fun cooking with her! She also really liked me.

Yes, sir, we saw that. You’re an inspiration for all of us, after all! Does anyone want to try the first thing I cooked? Yes, I mean the biscuits and water. Pretty please? No? Okay.

This article was first publsihed in November, 2016.

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