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6 Secrets to Make Your Chocolate Cake Lip-Smacking: by Maaheen

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  •  February 19, 2015

Let the sweetness of Valentine’s Day remain forever. Zareen Ahmed, fondly known as Maaheen, is sharing her recipe of the chocolate cake with us today. Concentrate because Maaheen’s recipe has lots of quirky things to be added in your cake!


2-3 eggsDSC_0189baking powder…DSC_0192 crushed almonds, butter cake, choco chips, maida, sugarDSC_0191Procedure – start with melting the choco chips with a little butter.DSC_0196 This is how I do it by heating the glass bowl put over a vessel filled with hot water.DSC_0219

Once melted, bring it down because we’re going to add this liquid form in the batter.DSC_0225

Beat 3 eggs for 5-7 mints. DSC_0205Beat as much as you can till it becomes smooth and white.

Add powdered sugar to it. Mix well.DSC_0210If you think the mixture lacks smoothness, add vegetable oil to it! Yes, that’s my trick number 1.

Preheat the oven at 180 degree Celsius.DSC_0266Now, slowly mix 1 cup maida using sieve into the mixture. Mix well.DSC_0234Add melted chocolate to it…DSC_0243…or replace chocolate with Nesquick – the chocolate drink for kids from Nescafe! Trick 2, it is.DSC_0248Add the almond powder and stir well.DSC_0246

It’s time you add a pinch of baking soda to the mixture along with a drop or two of vanilla essence and some fragrance. This fragrance-drops are my trick 3!DSC_0231Pour this mixture into the cake utensil. But before that, make sure to grease the surface of the utensil so that cake doesn’t stick to it.DSC_0255Trick 4 – place a butter paper under the tray/utensil of the cake for easy movement of utensil.

Sprinkle some white choco-chips over the batter before putting it in oven.DSC_0262Heat the mixture for the first 20 mints. Use a knife to see if the it is still wet inside the cake. If yes, heat again for 10 more mints.DSC_0268Trick 5 – you can add a pinch of salt in your cake to enhance the taste! But only a pinch. (laughs)

I am now taking out the cake. I have heated it for few extra mints to get a hard crust outside. It compliments the inner soft part.

DSC_0287And yay, it’s time you do the icing.DSC_0291Sprinkle the sugar powder using sieve. You can do it in case you don’t prefer the syrupy icing.

Put some crushed candies or gems, if you want.DSC_0294And here you go!DSC_0300Still want to experiment? Add pineapple or pieces any other fruit in the final mixture before baking. This adds a ‘kathha-meetha’ taste to your chocolaty cake. And here goes my trick 6!

Hope you will like my crazy yet yummy ideas to bake your cake!DSC_0311

 Well, Maaheen’s cake did taste good. Her 6 tricks are heaven in mouth.DSC_0313

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