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6 Qualities That Show Women Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

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  •  June 22, 2015

We see very less women entrepreneurs around. Do you think it is because they can’t do better than men or because they lack resources and support?

Let us leave the gender-comparison behind and read the following 6 points that prove women make excellent entrepreneurs:

  1. Women possess strong communication skills and social intelligence. Women are better in networking, talking and making friends. A stronger network means they will be better resourced throughout their venture.
  2. Companies with woman-boss benefit family & friends. Job sharing, parental leave and telecommuting can become easy. Studies show such offices are friendly, boost morale and face less absenteeism and achieve higher productivity.
  3. Women are good listeners. Shocked? However, they are. Study says the collective intelligence of a group can rise if it includes more women.
  4. Women start companies to strike a balance between work and family. We see women leaving their jobs and staring up businesses so that they can manage both career and family. In this way, they are determined to focus better.
  5. Women collaborate. Women have worked well together since the earliest female enterprises like – dividing grains in the village or preparing food together. They know a lot about team work.
  6. Women aren’t afraid to ask for help. Women generally don’t have ego issues. Women don’t have a problem admitting that they’re not sure how to accomplish a certain task or what needs to be done next.

Do you agree? Let us know more such qualities you think women in business world possess.

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