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5 Y.O. Shopkeeper And Her Grandfather Made Me Think That Independence Can Be ‘Sweet”

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  •  August 12, 2017

Last evening, I met a 5 Y.O. shopkeeper.

Hold on dearies, don’t get me wrong! She wasn’t a child labor, rather a businesswoman in-the-making. All you nervous ones may go back to sipping your coffee while I narrate what actually happened yesterday. Also, there’s a reason why I am sharing this around Independence Day. Keep sipping!

So, I had gone to restock my chocolate supply; clearly, it was a regular day in my life. *tummy says thanks* Daydreaming about my Oscar winning movie on dogs (ahem!), I walked to the same corner drugstore in our premises. I reached the store and asked for the regular, of course! But while I was minding my own business, there was someone who was minding someone else’s.

I saw the quickest chair turn (yes, ‘The Voice’ style!), only to be greeted by a little lady boss. And boy, she had the purest smile on!

With almost a perfect corporate body language, but a cheerful baby voice, she asked – “Kaunsi Dairy Milk, 10rs or 40rs?

You have no idea how I smiled. Somebody please hire her to train the customer care officials! *praying*

She was actually accompanying her grandfather to work and for most of us, she was just playing. But for that little sales-head, she was doing a job. And with a great proficiency!

While she got down the chair and moved on to explore the counters for my life-source, I exchanged a smile with her grandfather. And he said, “She is a very curious child and loves to learn”.

In that moment, I could see flashes of my own grand dad, when he used to teach me simple math. It’s not wrong that kids who grow up with grandparents are better learners. Why won’t they be! The experienced eyes of grandparents recognize every quality in a child and it’s pushed forward with such love & support.

Irrespective of gender and age, this grandpa was shaping a healthy mind. He was introducing independence to his granddaughter.

Isn’t that the type of support our country needs today?  A generation of young minds, backed up by a force of experienced ones. Yes?

Well, at least I believe so and I promise to become one such supportive granny. (I’ll also have the coolest white hair with purple streaks, but that’s just me!)

I was distracted from my genius thoughts as the little one returned with my chocolates. Before completely losing focus to the treats, I smiled at her granddad to say, “She will make you proud.  And, thank you!”

We were interrupted by ‘Miss. Professional’ who reminded me of the due payment. I handed her (and not her grandpa) a banknote. And well, I also took the time to teach her how to do the total. It was here that my grandfather’s math lessons came in handy. Phew!

The lesson is that chocolate leads you to sweeter things in life. And independent girls are the sweetest of them all!  *o yeaa*

P.S. Nobody lectures me on not sharing!

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