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5 Graphics That’ll Show You Exactly How to Use Social Media for Your Job Search

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  •  November 25, 2015


When it comes to social media platforms in the professional world, LinkedIn isn’t the only site that will boost your career—or help you land your dream job.

In fact, you’re missing out on a whole lot of opportunities to advance your career if you’ve never considered using Twitter, Facebook, or even Snapchat to further your career and improve your personal branding.

Interested in learning more? Awesome. Here are a few graphics that’ll help you understand how to best use each one.

(Too basic for you? Well, then I have good news for you—we have articles like this one, this one, and to help you out.)

For those of you who still feel like you’re on the beginner end of things, enjoy!

The Takeaway

You can share the same message across all the networks, but you do need to change up how you present it.cover_social

The Takeaway

There’s no denying that we live in a “me-centered” culture. Take advantage of this by using the different platforms to showcase different parts of your personal brand.18522

The Takeaway

On the internet, “friends” means something different on every website. Don’t start a connection with someone unless your intentions for starting the connection are the same.18523

The Takeaway

They might all be called “social networks,” but every platform has its unique function. You’re making a mistake if you’re using all of them the same way.18520

The Takeaway

Nothing’s stopping you from making a post anywhere you want. But if you’d like to maximize engagement with your audience (think likes, shares, and retweets), where you share your content is just as important as what you share.

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