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5 Bad Sex Habits You Should Get Rid Of

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  •  December 3, 2015


Sex, my dear friend, is very important. After all it is part of a healthy relationship. Below are 5 sex habits that you should avoid. Because you don’t want to ruin everything, do you?


  1. Getting stuck in the same position.

    Marriage consultant and coach Lesli Doares, author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage, says, “Taking the same approach each time doesn’t let you discover new ways of feeling good. A woman’s level of desire and satisfaction changes with her cycle, so sex really should change with it too. Plus, different positions feel different for each of you so be willing to experiment on occasion.” How about grabbing a Kama Sutra book?
  2. Letting the kids sleep in your bed or not shutting the door at night.

    Relationship advice expert and author April Masini points out, “You’re not doing your kids any favors by letting them sleep in the same bed with you — because they want to — when it means you don’t get to have sex as a result. It’s much better to disappoint them and create healthy adult boundaries.” 
  3. Always doing it at the same time of day.

    Your sex drive and sensitivity vary throughout the course of a day, so try to take advantage next time. For example, having a mid-day romp can feel a bit naughty, especially if you can fit it into a workday.
  4. Not telling your partner how hot something was…

    If you have sex and never talk about it, try telling him he was amazing last night the next day. It’ll improve your sex life and make you both feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  5. Leaving it up to one person to do most of the initiating.

    Lesli Doares says, “Yes, one of you probably has a higher sex drive but that doesn’t mean that person should be the engine behind your intimacy. The one with the lower drive can plan a sexual rendezvous that isn’t based solely on their level of desire. Your partner will feel special, and who knows, you just might get into it yourself.”

Aren’t these tips useful? Wink!!


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