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4 Women From This Jaipur Metro Station Talk About Its All-Women Staff Culture

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  •  December 4, 2015


We spoke to 4 women working at one of the Metro Stations in Jaipur, who are handling positions heavily dominated by men.

Amazingly, this metro station has only women staff comprising of 32 women, a working concept we were yet to witness in our city.



This station located in Shyam Nagar is focused towards strengthening the women-focused organizations in the city in order to contribute to the social, economic, and political development of the fairer sex.

Below are the excerpts from our casual talk with these superwomen:

Renu Dixit – Station Control


JWB: Such a bright face! What makes you so cheerful?

Renu: This job, probably! Lately, so many media houses have come to interview us. I feel so proud.

JWB: Each one of you deserves this attention. Tell us a little about your background.

Renu: I am from Alwar city and have shifted to Jaipur because of this wonderful job. My husband is taking care of our 3-year-old son back home, so I am not really worried about the other side.

JWB: Say hello to this good husband! What is your job profile?

Renu: I monitor this station and look after its activities.

JWB: What is the happiest part about this job?

Renu: I got the call letter on my last birthday; it was the best gift I could give to myself.

JWB: And the beauty of this job?

Renu: From security to the uppermost position, women are handling everything. This has made the communication smooth and effective.

JWB: Do you miss men being around?

Renu: Yes, when drainage has to be cleaned. (Laughs) Women staff can’t get down in the pipes and clean the drainage system yet; hence, it becomes a bit difficult. I hope to resolve this issue in the near future by giving them better training.

Mamta Saini – Customer Relation Assistance

(L to R): Mamta with Renu

(L to R): Mamta with Renu

JWB: People come to you if they face any difficulty in this station, right?

Mamta: Yes.

JWB: And how do you handle the chaos of these worried minds?

Mamta: Someone who has handled a home, a family can handle anything that comes his/her way.

JWB: Aha! Why did you apply for this job when you could have joined the customer-care service anywhere else!

Mamta: Since childhood, I was fascinated with metro trains. So when I got this offer, I was overjoyed and didn’t think twice. I had been preparing very hard for its entrance exam.

JWB: We’re happy for you.

Sanjana Yadav – Security


JWB: You’ve got a beautiful smile.

*Sanjana blushes*

JWB: Do you like this job?

Sanjana: Very much. My work is to guide the passengers, make the place less crowded by managing the queues, and to help people with ticket collection.

JWB: Why do you think it’s an important job?

Sanjana: I tell people that they shouldn’t step ahead of the ‘yellow line’. I am here for their safety.

JWB: Do passengers obey you sincerely?

Sanjana: I make sure. I look lean and quite, but I know how to do my job with perfection.

Rajkumari – Ticket Vending Staff


JWB: So you’re the one, who sits behind the computer screen, making the ticket system so fluent.

Rajkumari (smiles): Thank you!

JWB: We love how each one of you is carrying your respective uniform with utmost grace.

Psst do you know, their uniforms have been designed by the Arch Academy of Design. Nice job, we say.

Rajkumari: The scene was different during the initial days of joining. Wearing western formal wear was a challenge for most of us since we have always worn salwar kameez and sarees.

JWB: What do you wear at home?

Rajkumari: Salwar kameez! Though, my in-laws are accustomed to see me in pants now.

JWB: You are married? Gosh, you don’t look like one!

Rajkumari: I even have a child.

JWB: We will soon have another interview with you on how to look so young!

*Rajkumari laughs*

Jaipur has taken its big step towards women empowerment. From what we generally see, women are always a minority in most of the industries. Gladly, Jaipur Metro isn’t one of them.

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