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37 Y.O. Jyothi Shares Her Journey From Being A Homemaker To Becoming A Chef In Taj Hotel In Bengaluru

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  •  June 27, 2019

Six years ago, when Jyothi had walked into the Taj Hotel in Bengaluru, she wasn’t aware of how to work in a professional kitchen, how to plate and serve food or that she was embarking on the journey of becoming a chef.

Today, Jyothi, 37, once a homemaker and now a chef, is well-respected among her colleagues, despite the fact that she never had any formal training in culinary arts.

“Regular chefs come straight from catering colleges and have a tendency to make fancy food. Most of the chefs we have with us are like that, including me. We are taught to make and plate food a certain way. What Jyothi brings to the table is rather unique,” said Tushar Kumar Das, the sous chef at the property. “We wanted to do something different and serve actual home food to our customers. It was an experiment, to begin with, but one that has been rather successful.”

Sharing how she got the chance to present her talent to the world, she said, “My husband was a wedding caterer and I would go along with him to the choultry (wedding hall) and help out in the wedding-food preparation. This continued for a while until a person at one of the weddings ate the food and asked me if I would be willing to work at the Taj hotel in Bengaluru.”

“Initially it was very difficult. I knew nothing but wanted to continue working here. I make the same food that I would at home, the only difference is the portion sizes,” she added. “Akki roti, Ragi dosa, Bissi Bela Bath, different types of saaru. I also make sweet obbattu and various other kinds of traditional sweets and savories. I enjoy what I do and do not look at it as a job,” she says.

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