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30-something Rekha Sharma is still single. Still Happy?

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  •  March 5, 2015


How quick we are to judge a 30-something single woman, aren’t we? We become the experts finding the reason behind her single status. Past relationships, has some life-threatening disease, monetary weakness, physical beauty…..and all that.DSC_0074

Let us introduce you to Ms. Rekha Sharma from Jaipur. For the record, this pretty girl with pixie-hair is an ex-banker with handsome salary, belongs to a descent family, owns her own living place and car and is at the pink of her health. DSC_0068And…she is Single by her choice!!  We spoke to Rekha in order to break the tapered perception society has towards women like her:

My story:

It’s been really long since I moved out of my parental house to pursue higher studies and then fetch a good job. After working for 5 yrs in an International bank, I have taken a sabbatical to explore my real interests. My story comes with a tag ‘Lot to learn’.DSC_0061

Toughest decision ever made:

To quit banking. For everyone else, it was like giving up on a ‘safe’ career. For me, it was hard to overcome all their suggestions and walk on my own.DSC_0050

Lesson learnt during this journey:

I am no more fearful of anything or anyone. Today I can speak my mind boldly, at that, have evolved as a more sensitive person.DSC_0016

Things I want to redo:

Maybe, my career choice. I wish I was this close to my soul even in my 20s.DSC_0011

Happiest day:

When after a personal breakdown, I convinced myself to start all over again. With no family around, I was my own hero.DSC_0026

When I feel alone, I…

Go for long drives and listen to Bon Jovi and Celine Dion. Other times, it is about my friends, books and nearby Cafes.DSC_0019

In addition, I love spending time in my garden. There are various kinds of flowers that my landlady has planted. DSC_0092She is very fond of colorful flowers and both of us love spending evenings sitting here and sipping hot tea together.DSC_0076My married girlfriends & I

Surprisingly, they turn to me for suggestions. Isn’t it a proof that being single is not being dumb? DSC_0040Future plans:

I want to start up with my plan of traveling alone to the yet untouched places of India.DSC_0024

Is marriage on cards?

I see myself falling in love, someday. For now I am happily completing myself. Yes, I look forward to get married to a person who won’t trespass my space and one who respects women.DSC_0036

Sketch of a single woman:

Most of us think she is unhappy and lonely. NO, she is not. I am not. For me, a single woman is someone who is happy, independent, substantial and very creative.DSC_0072

Message for women like me:

Don’t let singlehood kill the womanhood in you. You are the most beautiful person, believe in that and cherish yourself. DSC_0039Second, no man can complete you and give you happiness unless you do it for yourself first. DSC_0012

Points noted. This is what a Jaipur woman is like. Happy Women’s Day :) 

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