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3 Women, 5000 Kms: A Drive of A Lifetime From Kanyakumari to Kashmir

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  •  September 9, 2015


Road trip is everyone’s dream.

3 women friends Sunita Dugar, Parneet Sandhu and Neetha Jegan did a road-trip from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, covering 5,000 kilometers, for Independence Day this year.

Sunita is an entrepreneur, Neeta a manager in Regus and Parneet works for a US based company. Their passion for travel brought them together and inspired them to do something unconventional.

They started their journey on August 8 from Kanyakumari, moving on to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and then towards North Inida. Sunita said, “We made it a point to cover at least 800 km per day. As we reached Delhi, we couldn’t see the sky. It was all grey because of the pollution. It was only after we entered Punjab, that the sky was clearer with sarson and ganne ka khet on both sides. And then came the best of all — the greener, and more colourful belt of Kashmir.”

They faced every kind of obstacle like – car breakdowns, getting stranded, driving by a region in Jhansi infamous for thuggee, stopping for lunch in the Chambal surrounded by men with revolvers in their pockets, losing phone connectivity for 24 hours in Srinagar. Whoa!

So what’s next for them? They say, “We want to spread the message that with proper planning, it is completely safe for women to take a trip on their own.”

We are thankful to women like them who break the stereotypes and help others like them to move forward. There must be many people who might have stopped them from doing this crazy trip, we’re glad they didn’t’ believe them.

This story was first published in Tripoto.

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