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3 Gay Men Tell Us How Difficult It Is To Breathe Love Chained By 377 In Our Country

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  •  February 14, 2017


You remember Subhashish and Shashank from the rapid-fire we had with them some time back.

Today, because it is Valentine’s Day, we asked these BFFs and their common friend, Vaibhav, how difficult it is for them to declare their love to the world. After all, they can get jailed for doing so.

Subhashish said, “When you reside under the Rainbow umbrella, the dynamics of life and love changes to a significant degree. The social protocol rules are not the same, and that does affect one’s options and opportunities of love. Being under the tricolor law and order doesn’t help in this either.”

Agreeing to what his friend has to say, Shashank uttered, “Many gay couples around us want to get married and adopt kids. They have dreams just like straight people. Sadly, none of it can come true anytime soon. Nevertheless, the good news for us is two boys living under one roof for many years or holding hands in public is not much of an issue in India. So, yeah.”

Shashank continued, “However, the beauty of love is such, one can’t stop anyone from falling in love. Neither can someone stop me to express it. We have all the right to do so.”

“That’s true. However, as I reach middle ages, I find myself settled and more in search of the true companionship and love,” informed Subhashish.

Vaibhav took his turn to share his experience, “Even after coming out to my family, I faced threats from strangers. The law considers our love unethical. How can love be immoral? We’re already tired of explaining and protesting.”

So what exactly is love, we asked the men. Shashank replied, “For me, it is something unconditional. Even if true love decides to stay in my life for a short period, it makes sure it sweeps me off my feet. I’ve many beautiful memories to share.”

We asked Subhashish about his date tonight, and he replied, “You.”

*Well, I wouldn’t mind either, Subhashish*

On a serious note, he said, “I am a happy and positive person. 43 and still looking for true love. Do you know anyone?”

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