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26 Year Old Woman’s Husband Asks For Divorce Over Email For Being Too Dark

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  •  December 16, 2015


Could you believe that a man could divorce his pregnant wife over email, and the reason that he gives is that she is too ‘dark-skinned? Sounds horrific, doesn’t it?

Some of you might see it as just a bit of another bit of sensational news, but for 26-year-old Sana Yasmin (name changed), this is the reality that she has been left to deal with.

Every once in a while, there are incidents that make us question humanity. Happenings that expose the animalistic nature of our society. It gives us a peek inside the façade that some people carefully create from seeing their true nature.

But what happens when their true selves let their presence known? For Sana, it was an email that did the job. Yes, through just another ping in her mailbox, she came to know that her software engineer husband has decided to divorce her on the pretext that her skin colour is dark. And, if you think that’s all, then hear this ‘declaration’ came from her husband just three days after Sana told him that she is pregnant.

But if you think that this was an unforeseen development, then think again after hearing Sana’s allegations that throughout their marriage, she has been humiliated by her husband because of her skin colour.

On the very first day of their wedding, he made his preference for a fair skinned bride clear to her and ever since that day it has been a constant accusation from her husband that she had to deal with.

Well, could you guess her husband’s side of the story?

He says that he has given her talaq because she has a serious health problem that Sana had concealed at the time of the marriage.

Sana’s parents, however, rubbish this claim because her medical records show no such health issue.

Sana, who works at a pharma company, says that ever since their marriage in March, he has been indifferent towards her and, apart from verbally abusing her, has also slapped her on some occasions.

If you are outraged upon hearing the sheer monstrosity of this man, then you are not alone.

After receiving the mail, Sana has lodged a police complaint and with all likelihood, her husband will be booked in a dowry harassment case.

Well, it’s about time that justice to happen and the man in question is ‘safely’ put behind the bars!



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