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12 year old writes to Narendra Modi asking help for her heart disease

  • IWB Post
  •  May 22, 2015


The city of Taj Mahal, Agra is again in news. And this girl is a brave-heart too.

12-year-old girl, Taiyyaba wrote to PM Modi explaining her heart problem and requesting financial help. Taiyyaba has congenital heart disease and her family’s financial condition is not sound to provide her proper medical treatment. Our Prime Minister responded to the letter in no time guiding Delhi Government to make sure of proper medical arrangements for her.

While talking to media, Taiyyaba said, “I told my mother that they are so worried. I saw in TV that PM serves everyone, I am a girl, daughter of ‘Bharat maa’, and I too have a right to live so I decided to write a letter to him.”

Girl With Heart Disease Writes To PM Modi

This is the third time that our PM has received a letter from a child. Before 9-year-old Melody Shabnani, an Indian girl living in Hong Kong, and 12-year-old Arundhati Kapur from Mumbai had also written letters to him.

JWB appreciate these girls who have come out as great examples to show how to stand up for their rights with confidence. We hope to hear more of such cases in future.

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