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Ayushi Agarwal

IWB Blogger

12-Year Old Changemaker From Tamil Nadu, Appreciated In Mexico

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  •  October 14, 2015


Meghavarshini, a 12 year old girl belonging to the Aachimangalam village in Tamil Nadu, who had not set foot outside of her home ever, got an opportunity to travel to Monterrey, Mexico. She traveled for more than 16,000 kms to attend ‘Be the change’ celebrations organized annually by Design for Change (DFC).

Megha, along with two of her teachers represented India, and presented her ‘I Can’ story where they shared the idea of building an “Eco-wall”. She was met by a ton of appreciation from the international audience.

Megha along with other students built a low-cost wall to barricade themselves from the polluting water, spewing out from a nearby drain. They utilized plastic bottles as their main weapon, the very cause of the drainage block.


DFC is an Indian-made idea of empowering school children to effect societal change. The movement which brands ‘Children as Change-makers’, has been successful in covering more than two lakh schools in over 30 countries. This year, delegates from 16 different countries attended the conference, where they shared their personal stories of change.

The conference was successful in breaking international barriers and made children come together from different parts of the world, for a common cause, i.e., to share innovative solutions for problems around them.

The funds for Megha’s journey were majorly collected through crowd funding, and their idea of an ‘Eco-Wall’ has already been adapted by 5 different schools.

Children can truly prove to be the best agents of change. Kudos!

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