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  •  February 20, 2014


Are you very much concerned about being overweight? And have used almost every technique to lose it but in vain? May be you are not taking the following points seriously:

Healthy Breakfast – Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually make weight control more difficult. Because when you are hungry since morning, you turn out to gulp more during day time. Hence, weight gain.
Breakfast keeps metabolism consistent and energy levels fired up. You can take   Shakes, Fruits, and homemade Muffins, cereals with milk, honey & toast, eggs, oatmeal, yogurt with fruits & nuts, etc for breakfast.

Don’t share your food with screens – Don’t eat while watching TV, reading, working at office, etc. You will never know how the plot on the T.V. will separate you from the existence of the bowl in your hand. Take an hour to eat and relax before you start working as it helps you digest the food well.


Be Mindful To Your Portion – Don’t be very generous in treating your tummy well. If you have cooked extra food, either keep it for later or share with needy people rather than throwing away or gulping all of it by yourself. Have self-control to say no to that another slice of pizza.

See What You Put In Your Mouth – Is it fried? Learn to say no to junk food or extra food. As Indians, we can’t stay away from kachoris, samosas and even sweets. But remember – Fat stays longer than the taste on your tongue.

Eat In Small Gaps – Rather that eating most of the food at once thinking you have less time for yourself is a strict no-no. Try to eat in gaps – say 2 chapatti in one hour than another in next one hour. This way your stomach gets time to digest and hence no belly fat. Also, try to take water sips while you eat so that you don’t end up eating more.

Don’t Equate Hunger and Thirst – To distinguish – wait for 20 to 30 minutes and see if you are still hungry. Drinking water can help you in your efforts to lose weight. Also say no to other beverages (like cold drinks) to content your thirst because most of these drinks contain caffeine which increase dehydration.

Size of The Plate/Bowls – Big plates mean you will pour in more food. At joint dinner parties and weddings, take small plates or bowls to serve yourself.

Start Snacking – When hungry, don’t order the burger from the nearby food-joint. Rather carry nuts and dry-fruits with you at office or when out so that you don’t end up eating junk. Moreover, these nuts are heavy in nature & help increase your stamina. You can even try Fruit salads, cucumber, digestive wheat biscuits.

Overload After Workout– Once you finish your workout don’t take it as an excuse to overload your tummy. It is very important to have healthy snacks as pre & post workouts. Your post-workout snacks unless its mealtime shouldn’t be more than 150 calories.

Don’t Let Food Calm Down Your Emotions – Soothing yourself with the help of food is an injustice to your body. If you also find the food your best companion in your pain, you are adding to the trouble more. Being in stress or in blue should actually not be related to the food. Ask yourself before having anything “Am I really hungry?” & give yourself a true answer.


Love Your Partner Not The Food – You can express your love for your partner in many other ways. So leave this one. We meet and have the food together is only because we are spending time with each other. It’s very tough to be on the track with a partner who is a foodie. But in such case, remind yourself the healthy eating habits which you follow everyday & don’t let the emotions overflow.


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