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100 years of fitness in 2 minutes

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  •  April 3, 2015


Have you seen the recent ad of a British health organization called Benenden Health? The company shows their 100 years of fitness regime that has helped the clients stay in shape. Dating back in 1920s, the video shows many kinds of fitness exercises that have trended in eras so far.

1920s shows harmless simple stretches, 50s shows hula hoop fad, moving on to Jazzercise, the Fonda-embraced aerobics, Tae Bo and 2010’s Zumba.

Though the styles kept on changing with time, they were perceived as the best for that particular decade. Hence, it becomes very important to understand your body type before choosing your favorite style of exercise. So that you can enjoy it in a long run, rather than just following the trend.

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